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The Regulation

Welcome to Club Illusion!

The age restriction at Club Illusion is 18 years.

Please acquaint yourself with the regulation, so your time spent at Club Illusion would be entertaining and pleasant.

1. Customers are expected to dress appropriately for the venue. Nightclub has the right to prohibit clients dressed inappropriately from entering the club.

2. Club Illusion uses video surveillance system.

3. The employees and security staff has the right to check the age of customers. Please provide photo ID at the door (valid documents are passport, ID-card, driving licence).

4. Entering the nightclub is possible only with the ticket purchased from the cashier. The ticket is for one entrance only and loses its validity when exiting.

5. In Club Illusion it is prohibited:
5.1. to enter the venue with a weapon or items that pose threat to lives and health of other customers or employees. We do not take weapons into charge.
5.2. to photograph or film the ongoing program and guests.
5.3. bring along alcoholic beverages. Club has the right to confiscate the alcoholic beverages brought along and prohibit these customers from entering.
5.4. violate the public law.

6. We have the right to check the observance of the regulation and in case of disregarding refuse to serve the client and ask the customer to leave the Club. Recurring violation of the regulation can lead to a ban from the venue.

7. Prior registration for a club visit or reserving the club does not dismiss from following the club regulation. If the person does not follow the rules, the Club has the right to prohibit the customer from entering the Club, refuse to serve the client or ask the person to leave.

8. We do not serve, allow to our venue and ask instantly to leave persons who are impolite, aggressive, excessively drunk or under drugs and psychotropic drugs. Administration takes the liberty to choose who to allow and who to prohibit from entering Club Illusion.

9. A customer who breaks or infringes the personal estate of Club Illusion (furniture, other interior, light and sound systems, tableware etc) is obligated instantly compensate the damage in full coverage according to the price list. The receipt about the amount of compensation is handed out from the administration.

10. Administration does not take responsibility for items left in the pockets of clothes (or items) left to the coatroom.

11. Administration does not take responsibility for items lost in the Club.

12. Customers have the right to exposit their pretensions to Club Illusionís board or administrator in charge, whose decision in the situation is final and mandatory to act by. Employee in charge is obligated to make a decision by the regulation and criterion to guarantee customers safety. All other questions and misunderstandings are solved by the law of Republic of Estonia.

The regulation is confirmed by the board of LUSTIKUMMUT O‹ on September 1st, 2015.

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Club Illusion
Raatuse 97, Tartu
+372 7424341