About club

Club Illusion has been built into a posh building of ex movie theater called Illusioon on Raatuse street in Tartu. The venue is also famous for it’s underground cult parties taken place back in ’90-s. We have 2 dancefloors in Illusion ? main room and a cool balcony, where there’s always different music than in the main room for variety.

There it is – Club Illusion – stilish, glamorous and kitchy nightclub designed by Jaanis Ilves. His work is awesome we say ? you better check it out!

Club Illusion is perfect for trendy clubber, who digs excellent lighting, awesome sound and quality dance music. Actually everyone is welcome to spend a night in the club full of good vibes and cool people. We just expect you to be polite and nice, that’s all – and great atmosphere is guaranteed to all of us!

Club Illusion brings you the best DJ-s from Estonia, but also world-famous DJ-s from all around the globe. We have also bands, MC-s and DJ+musician type of sets from time to time on the stage. The monthly eventlist is roughly shared by music styles like: hiphop, r&b;, disco, house and drum & bass on different nights.

The opening of Club Illusion took place on February 23rd 2006. Welcome and enjoy your stay!

Galleries of held events

  • Terminaator 15.09.23

  • 2 Quick Start 14.10.23

  • Opening party 23.03.06

  • BaBASS prez: K Motionz (UK) & 1991 (UK) 20.10.23

  • ESN Tartu Halloween Party 03.11.23

  • Black Velvet 18.11.23

  • Anne Veski 16.12.23

  • Terminaator 16.02.24

  • Faculty of Medicine’s freshmen Party 13.11.07

  • BaBASS prez: Fox Stevenson(UK) & Goddard (UK) 08.09.23 

  • Vello Orumets 20.10.07

  • Sin City 13.10.07

  • Marju Länik 05.05.07

  • Laine 29.09.07

  • Vanilla Ninja 02.06.07

  • Brainstorm 28.04.07

  • Singer Vinger 25.04.07

  • Terminaator 24.02.07

  • Uno Loop 07.04.07

  • Max C 23.02.07

  • MTV Party 17.02.07

  • Retro – Vennaskond 14.02.07

  • DJ Marky 19.04.06

  • DJ Fresh 17.05.06

  • Metsatöll 03.02.07

  • Napalm Death 21.01.07

  • Rock Hotel 10.01.07

  • Tuberkuloited 06.01.07

  • Terra Deva 11.05.06

Videos of held events

  • Club Illusion 18a 16.02.24

  • BaBASS prez: Fox Stevenson & Goddard 08.09.23

  • BaBASS prez: The Prototypes 08.12.23

  • Extreme 10th Bday Macky Gee Siimi 18.11.22

  • ESN Tartu Halloween Party 03.11.23

  • Anne Veski 16.12.23

  • Lastedisko 26.01.24

  • Extreme prez DIMENSION 16.09.22

  • Sin City – hooaja avapidu Fred V & Grafix 03.09.16

  • Sin City London Elektricity 06.09.14

  • Drumstep It Is 24.10.13

  • Sin City 9. sünnipäev London Elektricity 15.12.12

  • Holy Stoli! – Hooaja lõpupidu Ott Lepland 16.06.12

  • Holy Stoli! Teele Viira 11.02.12

  • Holy Stoli! 15.10.11

  • Sin City London Elektricity & MC Darrison 03.09.11

  • Absolut Illusion – suurejooneline hooaja lõpupidu 18.06.2011

held events

  • Black Velvet live
  • 2 Quick Start Live!
  • BaBASS presents: Fox Stevenson (UK) & Goddard (UK)
  • Extreme - Macky Gee and Siimi 18.11
  • Shanon, Hunt 04.11
  • Extreme - Camo and Krooked 7.10
  • Extreme - Dimension 16.09

Venue Hire

Club Illusion is opened to any offers regarding hiring the venue for private parties or conferences during daytime or nightly hours. You can send your ideas and requests at info@illusion.ee

Take a look at some photos from hired events:


Club Illusion is located almost in the heart of Tartu, just less than a kilometer from the Town Hall Square (Raekoja plats) in the North-East direction. For example, to reach the club from Town Hall Square, You should turn your back to the Town Hall (Raekoda) and walk towards the pedestrian-bridge and then over Mother River (Emajõgi). You should walk straight ahead now, until you see a yellow-red avant-garde style building on the right hand of the street ? You’ve reached Club Illusion. The club is located on Raatuse street, between Uus street and Jaama street. The address of Club Illusion is Raatuse 97.